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    SkinLab™ emerged as an Indie Brand in 2011. Founded by an eclectic team of chemists and skincare specialists in New York, the SkinLab™ group harnessed their collaborative research in skincare and anti-aging with one mission - To develop Healthy, Innovative, Efficacious and Affordable products that help restore the qualities of youthful looking skin. 


    SkinLab™ Lift & Firm was developed to help target the visible loss of firmness and tone. Formulated with Hydrolyzed Collagen and Elastin, these proteins help support healthy skin tone. The Lift & Firm collection rapidly expanded to over 12 problem-solving products that also target fine lines, wrinkles, clarity and radiance.



    SkinLab™ Revitalize & Hydrate Drawing inspiration for the centuries old beauty benefits of Moroccan Rose Oil, Rose Water and Coconut Water, this new collection merges the enduring age-old remedies of the past with technologies of today. The collection provides intense hydration for a rejuvenated and radiant looking complexion.



    SkinLab™ Detox & Clarify:  This NEW collection was inspired by nature - blended with Green Tea, Japanese Bamboo and Clay.  Fresh scents from botanical oils will soothe and calm the mind, while the effective ingredients actively target impurities and toxins to help clear pores, smooth skin texture and detox skin from environmental pollutants.
    Available Fall 2018